Most Expensive Water Cooled Gaming Computer Desk

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Most Expensive Water Cooled Gaming DeskOverclockersUK, the people behind the famous most expensive gaming pc, have come out with a new invention. It’s a proper water-cooled gaming desk, and easily one of the best money can buy. However, we’re talking ridiculous amounts of money.

The Infin8 Altar costs upwards of $14,000, which is certainly staggering. In certain instances, you can get a new car for the same amount of money. It’s a hell of an amount of money to spend. However, the gaming desk is absolutely genius. It’s entire water-cooled gaming unit inside of a desk.

Water Cooled Gaming Computer Desk

Whether you’re a fan of brilliant inventions or can afford to spend the amount of money, this article goes into all the details of this brilliant machine.

Why build a gaming desk?

As impressive as PC gaming is, it often proves to be a hassle to set up. Gaming consoles can’t match the performance of PCs; however, they are much more efficient. A full tower set up capable of giving the ultimate gaming performance takes up much space.

The brilliant minds behind OverclockersUK were well aware of this problem too. In unison to this, a content creator asked them to build a watercooled gaming desk correctly. The result was an entire liquid cooling gaming system inside a gorgeous black desk.

The desk goes by the name of Altar and is available on the OverclockersUK website.

As purely just a desk, the Altar is gorgeous to behold. The slick back finish looks exceptionally well with the led lighting inside the hardware. Furthermore, you can look at all the PC wizardry as well through a glass panel. The desk also has an electronic height adjustment. It provides much utility, as well. The outside is stunning, and it’s hard to believe that it gets even better once you look at the hardware.

The Hardware

The Infin8 makes use of the Intel Core i9-7900x processor. The original Altar was for a content creator whose main content was gaming. Due to this, OverclockersUK felt that the Intel processor would provide a perfect blend of gaming and multitasking.

Here is a list of all the specs:

  • Lian Li DK-05X
  • Intel® Core™ i9-7900X
  • ASUS® ROG® Rampage Extreme
  • 32GB DDR4 3200 MHz RAM
  • 2x ASUS® GeForce® GTX 2080Ti
  • Samsung 970 EVO 512GB NVMe™ SSD
  • Samsung 870 EVO SSD
  • Samsung 870 EVO SSD or WD Black 7200RPM HDD
  • Windows® 10 Pro (64-bit)

The processor goes through the standard Overclockers speed binning. The entire process ensures that the very best hardware finds its way to the Altar. The Intel Core i9-7900X is clocked at 4.6GHz.

Additionally, the company built a custom liquid cooling loop to ensure that all of the hardware can perform efficiently. Without a proper cooling system, a heavy gaming unit can quickly overheat. Luckily, the cooling unit in the infini8 Altar works like an absolute charm.

It wasn’t an easy process, but OverclockersUK has done exceptionally well. The design features three custom acrylic plates that control the flow of the liquid. The design ingenuity completely replaces the need for large amounts of tubing. Furthermore, the entire build is visible through the glass panel in the desk.

Liquid cooled desk

According to the creators, the three plates function to cool all of the components inside the desk. The central plate controls the flow of fluid between the pumps, radiators, and reservoirs.  The third plate lays above the motherboard and is primarily responsible for distributing the fluid around all the components.

The technical brilliance behind this desk is astonishing. It easily burns through modern games and efficiently multitasks through all activities. The company actively customizes the desk to your needs as well. The price can become even more staggering, depending on the customizations you want to include.

The desk is perfect for content creators. Its incredibly efficient and takes up much less space than a full tower set up. Furthermore, the desk looks incredibly cool and helps create a great atmosphere. The led lighting inside all the hardware is brilliant.

Surprisingly, enough this isn’t even OverclockersUK the craziest invention. You can read about the most expensive gaming pc, the 8Pack Orion X2 here.

Can you custom build a water-cooled gaming desk?

While the Infin8 Altar is quite easily the best gaming desk money can buy, it isn’t the only one. Designs by IFR is a YouTuber who in 2017 released a video showcasing his custom watercooled gaming desk.

If you’re into learning how to build your own custom water-cooled gaming unit, you can look at his video:

It’s quite a technical process and requires much experience to build. However, if you’re willing to put in the work, it is possible.


The Infin8 Altar is undoubtedly a trailblazer in the gaming industry. The desk is much more efficient than a full tower system and takes up less space, while it manages to give you much more power than a console.

It certainly does look like the future of PC gaming; however, currently, too many people can’t afford these brilliant inventions.