List of Stellaris Console Commands and Cheats

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The early few hours of the game lead you towards thinking that Stellaris is the most comprehensive grand strategy game out there. With beautiful visuals and some incredibly interesting features. From incredibly detailed population management to different species that can inhabit the planets and different planet classes. The game is an incredibly grand sci-fi adventure and had all the tools to become an absolute classic. The early stages of the game are some of the most fun. However, as the game reaches its middle stage, it loses some of its charm. As you grow stronger, AI behavior becomes incredibly more passive, and the game takes on an almost glacial pace. The final act of the game also leaves a lot to be desired. Playing the base game on its own may not be the most satisfying experience, yet due to the games pc release, the ability to access console commands can allow you to customize your game. What this essentially does is it allows you to tailor the game to your needs entirely effectively.

These console commands can essentially make your game much more interesting as compared to the main game. To access the command console press the ~ key on your keyboard. If you’re having trouble finding the key, it is located underneath the ESC button on most keyboards. Doing this will open the command console, and the first thing you need to do is input the command “debugtooltip.” The “debugtooltip” showcases the ID of anything you hover over, it could be a planet or population ID, and these IDs are essential for inputting some of the console command cheats in this article.

The following are some console command cheats you can use to make your gameplay experience better.


Entering this code will allow you to activate whatever Ascension perk you want, simply press Tab on your keyboard to reveal the options. Input the required ascension perk alongside the command to activate it.


The code essentially adds an anomaly, from the list of anomalies to any selected planet. This can spruce up a playthrough that is stagnant or just make for good fun in a simulated playthrough.


Enter the command with the name of the required ship design to create a fleet of the specified ship. The code will effectively allow you to build the most influential empire in a matter of minutes.


Adds a trait to any leader you choose, different types of leader may have access to only certain leader traits. This code becomes incredibly useful once your empire grows larger and you lose control of some of the decisions you could make on a country level basis.


Enter amount following the code to generate any amount of alloys; the default is 5000.


This command allows you to generate as much energy credit as you want, the default is 5000.


Colonize any planet you want, whenever you want. Merely add the pop id after the command to colonize the planet of your choosing.


AI empires will refuse every proposal the player offers. Great for a militaristic play-through.


AI empires will accept every proposal the player offers. Great for a diplomacy based play-through.


Finishes all ongoing research, reducing the waiting time.


Finishes all ongoing terraforming processes


Completes all ongoing special processes.


This code enables you to take over any empire into your own forcibly. A tad bit overpowered we don’t recommend using this until necessary.


This is a very useful code when it comes to speeding up your game especially. The code will essentially complete all your ongoing constructions and upgrades immediately. Be warned though applying the code while the game is unpaused finishes construction for AI as well. It can be a decent way to speed up the pace of the game and make it more challenging.


This renders the player’s ships immune to any form of damage. Another overpowered cheat code but can lead to a very enjoyable play-through.


This code will maximize all your existing resource storages.


Add amount along with the code to specify the number of minerals you require; the default value is once again 5000.


More an aesthetic code than one that alters the gameplay, this code lets you explore the gallery on an observer basis. It can be used to roam around the galaxy and view everything as a spectator would. Doing this while the game is unpaused will cause the AI will take control of your empire and can make for some interesting simulated playthroughs.


Another incredibly overpowered console command code, all this does is let you take ownership of whatever you want, be it a fleet or planet.


Add the amount you require alongside the command to get whatever amount of Physics tech points you need. The default is 5000.


If you want to expand your empire and fill a planet immediately, enter this code after selecting the planet.


A console command that allows you to change the selected planet’s class to any of the ones in the game. Simply insert the planet class name alongside the command. For example, planet_class pc_hive.


This alters the size of whatever planet you have selected. However, the code has a cap. If you enter a size above 78, it will cause the planet to move backward.


This code effectively completes research on a technology, simply insert the technology key alongside the command.


Adds whatever amount of skill levels to every leader that is under your control. The default value is 1.


Another command that can make for an interesting playthrough. This code switches your empire to another country. It will essentially allow you to build up your empire then take it on.


If all-out war is your goal, then this cheat will help you achieve that easily. This command causes all player control fleets to target every other fleet.


Another code to use if the game gets stagnant, this allows you to have contact with all empires in the game.


An election is always fun, and this command does exactly that.


This code can be especially useful during the mid-stage of the game. The game becomes inexplicably slow once your empire grows larger and this code will allow you to fast word any number of days. The default value is 10.


Another code that can make for a different playthrough. Countries in the regular game are very pacifist once your empire grows in size. Using this code causes all AI countries to become incredibly aggressive.


This is a code that is incredibly useful during the midgame period, or if you’re running a simulated playthrough. Simply add the country IDs with the first country declaring war on the second and include the given wargoal.

Another of series of command codes that the player can make use of are TweakerGUI Commands. These codes require you to input tweakergui before every single one.


If for some reason after declaring a truce you want to break it and declare war on the country. Input this command.


Planet surveys will no longer consume any time.


Colony ships are transported instantly.


Ships move instantly to wherever the player chooses to move his right cursor.

These codes are incredibly useful and allow for a lot of customization, and tailor the game according to whatever your specific need. From customizing your game to allowing you to control the pace of it as well. These command codes are incredibly effective and can be used for a lot of fun as well. It is unsure whether the console port of the game that is coming up will feature the command console, but for PC users it remains an incredibly useful tool.