Is Fortnite Dying?

Written by Muqadas Wattoo | Last modified on:

It’s the question of the year whether Fortnite is dying or not? Fortnite dying is true for many people; they believe that it’s happening right now. Moreover, they believe that it is being forgotten and very soon it will be thrown in the bucket of dead video games. But I believe that people don’t realize that Fortnite is still very much alive and it is far from dying any time soon. There are numerous players who still adore this game and are obsessed with it even more than ever.

So when will Fortnite die? The answer is maybe never. Yes, there is no doubt that there is a decline of players but that doesn’t mean that the Fortnite dying is happening at present. The reason many players left the game was due to the season 5. It was an exceptionally bad season. Fortnite usually has a story but season 5 had no story. Moreover, season 5 was a huge mess.

When the map changed many individuals started to think that Fortnite is dying as it made all the events that happened before the season look useless. However, there was not much innovation in the gameplay it was pretty much the same.

There are some points those prove that Fortnite quite alive while, on the other hand, there are a few arguments those prove that may be Fortnite is dying. Let’s give them a look.

  1. When it comes to Battle Royal games, Fortnite is the first game that has buildings. While there are many other famous games that have very offensive gameplay and it’s more like a bot defensive. This leads to a problem that players who have more accuracy win the game while the ones with lesser accuracy lose it.

#1 Victory Royale - Fortnite

However this is not so with the Fortnite, the building mode present in it helps inaccuracy. To prevent yourself from getting shot you have the ability to build a wall or a ramp. Besides that, you can also build a ground that is a bit higher thus getting an advantage over your competitors.

Fortnite dying seems difficult right now as it is one of the games that give its players the ability to build. This makes it stand out. The only problem is that there was a time when building in the game represented a pro player. However, at present, every other casual player is building. Even inexperienced players also know the functionalities of the building. This has resulted in minimum building stuff being delivered in the game.

This at times makes people wonder is Fortnite dying. Moreover, everyone is busy building thus resulting in less material left behind when the player gets eliminated. If there is a lack of material this means that you have very fewer opportunities to win over your competitor.

To prevent Fortnite dying it’s recommended to the Epic that they should include more materials so the interest level stays right. Instead of increasing the materials Epic is doing the opposite. Their logic seems quite illogical. Epic needs to understand that more material will help beginners improve themselves and get better at the game.

  1. When it comes to the map it seems like that Fortnite dying will not happen anytime soon. The theme of the Fortnite changes almost every season. At times the theme is derived from an event, to something that’s happening in the world or a stunning theme that leave the audiences awe-inspire. Right now the theme is winter based which is simply gorgeous.
  2. So, is Fortnite dying? If we see the themes of the game the answer comes naturally to the mind, Fortnite is not dying. Whenever the theme is changed, Fortnite leaves so much excitement and clues. Even before the season ends people are already excited about the next season. There are very few battle royal games those ends with overwhelming excitement.

Players get so curious that they start to connect the clues by searching all over the posts, maps, tweets and a lot more. The proof that ‘fortnite is dying’ is not true is that every season there are millions of views and comments on Fortnite videos.

  1. The game will do perfectly fine without the mechanism known as Bloom. It basically randomizes the sites where the bullets hit, this happens mainly with automatic guns. This mechanism leaves most of the gameplay to fortune. Many people have been quite critical of this feature since it came into being. Moreover, it’s quite irritating, players might miss or hit the shot depending all on luck, and basically, it’s not in your control.

At the moment it doesn’t look like Epic Games is in any mood to remove the bloom function but if they could just do it, it would be great. This way there will be more accuracy hence letting the player hit at the right aim rather than leaving the shot at a random position. If the creators don’t want to see Fortnite dying then it’s better to remove the bloom function altogether. Moreover, it will make the game more based on skills and not just sheer luck.

  1. Many believe that Epic Games take the comments and advice of the Fortnite’s community way too much. They make a lot of changes simply based on the feedback. However, this reason may seem a little wrong to most of the people. As it’s a good thing to have a conversation among the community and then take ideas from there but here it’s not a good idea. For many people maybe Fortnite is dying due to this reason.
  2. Another issue that makes people think that Fortnite is dying is that apart from continuously changing the map and themes they also can’t stop changing various other things. After every short while, Fortnite adds something new like an in-game device or any new item. Some of the recent changes include a zip line, plane, and sword, however, these changes were removed.

These sudden changes managed to attain a lot of attention by both the non-players and the Fortnite community itself. Apart from that Fortnite is always changing weapons, one day they are adding weapons another day they are removing them. Basically, Fortnite takes the opinions of its community, they make the changes according to the feedback. Somehow, it’s a positive thing as well because this makes the game quite alive for its players.

  1. Fortnite dying doesn’t see happening anytime soon as Fortnite is extremely caring. It always gives back to its community whenever there is a good accumulation of money. Since season six there is an addition of tournaments. If players have the specific number of points it gives them the opportunity to participate in the tournament and win money. All thanks to the game many players have better lives since then.
  2. So the question remains the same when will Fortnite die? To be honest no one really knows the answer. Few points prove that Fortnite is dying while the others clearly state that it is pretty much alive. Moreover, there is one more reason that shows that Fortnite might be over real soon. Like several other games, Fortnite is more focused on making changes on characters and events rather than fixing the game on a whole.

Epic Games is not noticing important things and it is busy on mending not so important things. They need to understand that bringing out new and expensive stuff like gliders, emotes and useless skin won’t be of any help.

The makers are not aware of the fact that people have no interest in paying money for stuff such as an axe that will be of no use to them. Fortnite should make positive changes and not mere useless changes. They should give certain accessories and skins to players as a reward for achieving a certain number of kills or on winning matches.


Everything has its time; same is the case with Fortnite. It might not die in a month or so but it will fade away one day. Right now Fortnite is doing alright, but that doesn’t mean the situation will stay the same after few months. The reason is that it doesn’t really matter how many updates Fortnite does, people will slowly but surely get bored with it. They will move on to something new and happening. Some other game will make headlines and people will go crazy after it hence forgetting about Fortnite.

There was a time when Clash of Clans and Temple Run were admired by people to another level. That was their time. At that time they were no less than any other popular game. Obviously, there is a group of individuals who still play those games but we all know that their popularity has faded away. Right now there are entertainers who make several videos and memes on Fortnite but eventually, all of it will stop because of course, no one wants to make a video on the same game over and over again. So there is no doubt that Fortnite will die in near future.