Become a Master in Fortnite – Tips & Tricks (PC, Xbox One & PS4)

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Fortnite is a game that whets the appetite of passionate gamers. Tens of millions of people, in this day and age, are regular players of Fortnite. This game is so intriguing for those who romanticize cyber gaming. It is so enticing that every player, novice or experienced, would want to try his hand at it. Once you play Fortnite, you are likely to get addicted to it.

The Fortnite game was inaugurated in 2017 and since then it has been creating a buzz. The craze of Fortnite is peaking day by day. More and more people are wanting to learn to play Fortnite.  Many enthusiastic players who have yet not tried this game out, are looking for guidance on how to get better at Fortnite.

Reappraisal of the Basics of Fortnite

If you know some combating skills and you wish to showcase them in front of the world, this is the right game for you to play. If there is a terrific combatant inside you, let him come out and portray his combating expertise out there in the middle.

There is treasure finding which is of utmost importance in this game. You got to sharpen your listening skills to be able to hear those sounds indicating of a treasure chest in the vicinity. Therefore, you must keep your headphones with you.

You would meet a lot of tough characters to deal with. All the characters would be as powerful as you are. They would be possessing some weapons of destruction and they are set free to use it against you. Hence, gotcha!

There are lots of tall buildings and towers in this game. You ought to assume yourself spiderman in this case — just saying. You have to ascent and climb many titled towers and go through fatal fields.

Initially, every character appears with a pickaxe and nothing more. Though, there is one hell lot of weapons to be utilized, later. Fortnite is rich in terms of artillery. While moving hither and thither, you can collect as many weapons as you like. Gathering arms is probably the very first aim of every player. It gets easier to progress in the game with armaments in hand. As a combatant, you are more self-assured and confident when having a good collection of weapons.

Saving yourself, building resources, utilizing artillery, killing, winning duels; these are the fundamentals of Fortnite.

The most important rule for any combatant in any battle is to save himself first. Killing is secondary while survival is the primary requirement of this combating game. You have to rescue yourself from the threats posed to you. One must have a life to chase her/his ambitions.

There are three options available for every player. You can either opt for a solo game or you can team up with one more player of your choice. Other than solo and duo, the third and last option is playing along with a squad of four. In all three ways, you can make the most of Fortnite without a shadow of doubt.

How to be good at Fortnite?

As a matter of fact, it is not that easy to master strategies of Fortnite. To be exact, there are 45 million people playing this game frequently. In the presence of so many competitors, you are definitely required to go through some extraordinary tips and tricks to perform better than others. You must have profound know-how about how to be better at Fortnite.

Let us have a look at some useful tips for bettering at Fortnite.

Ameliorate your combating skills

First and foremost, you need to be improving your combating skills. In order to improve your performance in Fortnite games, you have to break all the shackles of fear and sharpen your fighting expertise.

  • Self-defense: is the first rule of combating in any zone. There will be dangers posed to you. You will have to secure yourself and carry the game to the next level.
  • Weapon collection: is another important and inevitable part of this game. You got to gather a huge amount of guns and grenades and etc. You need to keep heaping the artillery to make yourself stronger vis-vis other players in the game.
  • Don’t hide too much: Of course, you can take the escape whenever it is required. Though you are playing for the victory, you are not playing for the survival. Therefore, don’t hide in bushes for too long.
  • Don’t be afraid of casualties: When you battle around for the win, you are likely to see casualties. Do not be afraid of dying in the initial phase.

You need to know the best use of each weapon you are carrying. Do not keep yourself in the hideout for too long. Do make self-defense a top priority, but do not keep a defensive approach throughout the game. You will gain no experience if you do not lose. Therefore, do not be disappointed by unwon games.

Assure safe landings

Landing is by far the most crucial part of this game. This point of the game cannot be taken lightly, as it is of utmost significance. If you want to grow into a better player, land yourself in heavily populated areas to test your expertise. Some people forbid newbies to enter in vastly populated areas, but that is not a better choice to make. By not challenging yourself in the game, you are least likely to excel further.

If you keep remaining in the outskirts with no landings in the main areas, you would be tagged as a defensive player. For winning, you ought to have an aggressive approach instead.

You also need to acquire multiple tactics to land safely. You are recommended to keep altering your tactics. Do not rely on the tested ones forever. You can develop various tactics by playing more and more. Without developing new landing tactics it will be entirely fruitless.

Construct the resources

Try to accumulate as many resources as you can. In Fortnite, you are supposed to build floors, roofs, walls, and stairs solely by yourself. For that matter, you need to have a good stock of materials.

For instance, when you are having to revamp, you can build walls around and take some time to heal. These resources help you guard yourself against the enemy as well. At times, these structures prove to be really fruitful for the player in charge.

When you see your foe building higher resources for himself, try and obstruct him. Make structures in his path. Or else, try to build comparatively higher structures. These resources can help you make a lot of good trouble.

Master the map

In order to become a maestro of the game, you must be able to breeze through the map. In fact, you should memorize the map slowly and gradually. Learning the map would help you know the paths and territories even better.

If you know the map, you know what is forthcoming. Knowing the map, you are able to wisely choose your way. As you are already enlightened about x area, you can make a strategy beforehand to tackle any obstacles. If you have learned the map, you have a quick apprehension of up and coming threats.

Don’t be too hasty while targeting to kill

Some juvenile and inexperienced players try to kill every opponent they see. You do not need to take any step in hurry. Be very watchful of the situation and take a step accordingly.

When you are planning to kill, do not let the opponent know of your presence around him. Appear before him all of a sudden and surprise him. It will take only a nanosecond to fire at him and get him reduced to ashes. Always make a pre-planned move instead of doing anything hurriedly.

Tiptoe towards the enemy when you are about to kill him. Do not let him hear the sound of your movement, or he could be apprised of your presence. Take certain precautions before deciding to kill.

Jump often and do not just run while escaping

When you are having to escape an enemy’s attempt to kill, do not run in one direction. When an opponent is running behind you, try your best to dodge him. Change your directions frequently to deceive him.

Do not prefer running at a good pace alone. Try to jump as well. If a sniper is targeting you from a great distance, jumping would make it difficult for him to hit you.  This way, you can make him miss the target many times.

On the other hand, running straight would make you a soft target for any opponent. You are most likely to portray your running skills in the best way when someone is after your life.

Search for supply drops

You need to be considerate of those balloons dropping from the sky. These supply drops are dropped on blue smoke. If you are far from the dropping balloons, you should quickly cover that distance to find what’s in them. It may or may not contain beneficial things for you.

Nonetheless, you need to reach them when they are dropped from the sky. In fact, when these supply drops are on their way to fall, you should determine their position and reach the place in advance.

Discover your natural style

There are basically two ways/styles to play Fortnite. Both of the styles are apt and work wonders. Yet, one of them could fit the bill for you.

  • Some players prefer reaching the center of the circle to get control of everything. The middle of the circle is considered to be the focal point. All activities can be noticed to a reasonable degree from there.
  • On the contrary, some players prefer moving along the edges of the circle. Hence, you can get a good grasp of everything happening or about to happen.

Choose either of them and play smartly.

Outro: Practice makes a man perfect — said someone shrewd. Practice begets perfection, so to speak. You have to get used to it in order to master it. You should expect progress to take place slowly and gradually. After investing a reasonable amount of energy and time, you would see yourself getting better at Fortnite. Remember;

Success does not come overnight.