An Easy Way To Clean/Wash Your Mouse Pad

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In case you are wondering how to clean a mouse pad, here you will get to know various ways of cleaning mouse pad. There is no doubt that till date mouse pads are not given the deserving prominence. As compared to other components of a computer setup they are quite underrated.

Yes, you won’t require a mouse pad to input instructions neither will it help the computer work any faster. Still, a mouse pad is used as much as you use a mouse or a keyboard. So, like you clean other components and peripherals of your computer setup it is beneficial to clean the mouse pad as well.

However, the majority of people don’t know how to clean a mouse pad. In this guide, you will go over a number of different ways you can adapt to clean your mouse pad. All of these methods are simple and quick. Let’s take a look at them.

Use a damp cloth or a baby wipe

If you want to know how to wash a mousepad in an ultra-quick way then keep reading. There are people who have the same mousepad for several years, yet they don’t feel the need to change it because it never actually got that bad. The reason they don’t get disgusted by their mouse pad is that they clean it on regular basis with a baby wipe or a damp cloth.

All the people who don’t want to go through a full-fledged cleaning of mouse pad they should regularly clean it with a sponge, damp cloth or a baby wipe. This will prevent building up of any significant particles.

A good wiping down

Moreover, if you don’t know how to clean a mouse pad, don’t worry there are some quickest and easiest ways to do so. Supposedly, you just want to remove tiny food particles, hair or dust, all you need to do is a good wiping. You can use a baby wipe but if you don’t have it, you can even use a damp sponge or a cloth. This method will give life to your mouse pad and it will be back to looking all freshened up.

The best thing is if you continue doing this quick cleaning method, it will help you cut the need for intense deep cleaning. However, if there are excessive debris or stain then you will need to try a different method.

Wash the mouse pad in a sink

How to wash mousepad

Quick fix

If you think it’s been a long time since cleaning or by in case you have mistakenly spilled a drink or food then follow these simple steps:

  • Fill your sink with warm water
  • Now pour in dish soap
  • Put the dirty mouse pad in the water
  • Leave it in there for a few minutes
  • Use a sponge or a brush to lightly clean the mouse pad
  • Rinse your mouse pad after draining the sink
  • Leave the mouse pad to air dry, if you want to speed up the process then you can dry it using a hairdryer

This process is extremely simple, helpful and if you ignore the drying time it is quite quick as well. Let’s look at how to clean a mouse pad using the same method but in a little more detail.

Detailed process

Step 1

You should begin with cleaning the bath or sink in which you’ll wash the mouse pad. Rinse the sink properly and then fill it with lukewarm water. Make sure the water is not extremely hot because that might damage the pad. On the other hand, cold water won’t be of any help as it won’t take off the dirt particles. Moreover, you are not looking to submerge, just pour in water that is enough to wet the entire surface of the pad.

Step 2

Now you can squirt little amount of any households washing liquid, detergent or shampoo and mix it in the lukewarm water. Using mere water won’t be of any help if you have spilled some sticky food on the mouse pad plain water won’t remove it.

Step 3

In this method of how to clean a mouse pad the third step should be, put the mouse pad in the water and let it stay there for a few minutes. Moreover, apply the cleaning product on the mouse pad. In order to massage the mouse pad use either a sponge or a towel. Scrubbing will help in removing the dirt from the topmost layers.


It’s absolutely okay to scrub a number of times because the whole idea is to remove the embedded dirt particles from the pad. Other than that you should keep in mind that if your mouse pad is extremely dirty then it’s normal for the soap to turn a brown or green color. You don’t have to fret over such signs.


Do not scrub the underside as it may damage the rubber patter hence resulting in the weakened grip. Intense rubbing on the underside can negatively affect the way your mouse pad stands on the desk.

Step 4

Remove the mouse pad from the water as soon as you see that the dirt has been removed. Now throw away the dirty water. Furthermore, you can either rinse under the tap water or fill the sink with clean water and swish the pad there.

Step 5

Immediately after the dirt has gone, make sure you remove maximum moisture. Bend it gently and take out as much moisture as possible. You can ring the mouse pad as you ring out a cloth, but for that to happen the mouse pad should be flexible enough. However, if you feel there is any resistance, stop immediately to protect the pad from any damage.

Step 6

The next step to cleaning is to wrap it in a dry and clean towel. Fold the towel over it and dab away all the moisture. Do not worry about applying a rational amount of force to remove the water from the pad. And it’s okay if you leave it covered in the towel for some time, this will help speedup the process.

Step 7

The next step to this method of how to wash a mouse pad is to hang it to a ventilated and dry area. Make sure you do not hang it under direct sunlight because that may cause discoloration. Plus do not dry it using intense heat because that will crimp the edges and curl it upwards.

Another good way to dry it is by using a hair drier. However, ensure that you keep the drier at a safe distance.

Clean it in your washing machine

If you don’t know how to clean a mouse pad you are at the right place. In the case the above methods didn’t help get all the stains out, you can try washing your mouse pad in the washing machine.

  • Put it in your washing machine
  • Now add a small amount of soap or a laundry detergent
  • Ensure that the machine is not using hot water and is set to a lighter cycle
  • Allow the washing machine to do its job
  • Now take it out and let it dry overnight. If you want to speed up the process you can use a hair dryer as well.

Many people wonder how to clean mouse pad, little they know that it can be cleaned in the washing machine as well. Atop if you have tried almost all the methods and still the pad is dirty try using the washing machine. However, keep in mind that using a washing for cleaning mouse pad is not the best way. It is a rougher procedure and can ruin the pad. But if you are careful and are not using hot water then the results will be favorable.

In addition to that, make certain that you are not hasty enough to throw it in the dryer immediately after cleaning it. Sometimes to speed up the process people end up destroying their pads. But if you are doing so at least make sure you have set the settings to low. A great amount of heat can damage the surface.

Hard surface mouse pad

There are two different types of mouse pads, one is cloth and the other is a hard surface mouse pad. If you are thinking about how to clean a mouse pad that has a hard surface, you must know that the procedure is pretty much the same as of a cloth mousepad. Just the difference is that less moisture is required for a hard surface. The reason less moisture is used is to protect the top layer of the mouse pad from detaching.

All you have to do is wet a sponge or a brush but ensure it is just damp and not drenched. Now you can apply a household detergent or cleaner to the hard surface mouse pad and then scrub off any dirt. To prevent the surface from any damage it’s better to apply a small amount of detergent or cleaner.

After scrubbing it thoroughly, rinse the sponge carefully and clean the mouse pad of any dirt or cleaner. You may have to rinse and repeat in order to clear the surface. Now use a dry towel to wipe the surface. Before using the mouse pad dry is properly by hanging in a well-ventilated area.

How to clean a mouse pad?

To be honest, cleaning a mouse pad is no rocket science as it is quite a simple procedure. In case it’s extremely dirty you can wipe the dirt down or just throw it in your washing machine or sink. These simple and quick processes will help you bring your mouse pad back to original condition.

There are times when your mouse pad is so dirty that cleaning is not the option. If you are trapped in such condition then you are recommended to buy a replacement. Buying a new mouse pad won’t cost you a fortune as they are available at quite reasonable prices.

Final word

So the question raised in this guide was how to clean a mouse pad? So the answer is, it all depends on the material. You will only need a couple of wipes or a damp sponge to clean a mouse pad that has a rubber or plastic pad. This will allow you to get back a clean mouse pad within a few minutes, and you can start using it again.

On the other hand, you have to be more gentle and loving with a cloth mouse pad. It will require more attention to remove the stains. All you have to do is fill in a sink with warm water, add a detergent or soap and toss in the mouse pad. You can ask someone else to do so or can do it yourself. Gently scrub the dirt away and then dry it.

Apart from that you can use a washing machine and don’t worry, it can clean a mouse pad without destroying it but you have to be very careful with it. We cannot emphasize enough on the fact that cleaning your mouse pad now and then can be a great deal. A regular and quick clean will make your mouse pad more responsive. Moreover, it allows the gentle and quick movements of the mouse.

With such easy methods, you can now clean your mouse pads. Furthermore, cleaning the mouse pad doesn’t require much effort and the best thing is that it is totally free. Yes, you heard it right, all the things required to clean a mouse pad are already present at every household. Hope the guide help you in bringing the best out of your mouse pad.