Are you a gamer? Do you want a better gaming experience just like the professionals? If yes, you definitely need to invest in a good mouse and keyboard. However, buying them separately costs more bucks than buying a gaming keyboard and mouse combo.

Usually, gamers prefer buying the combo to get the best deal in a lot less money. Since this has become a trend in the gaming world; many sellers offer great combo deals that you might be missing out on. Fret not! We have got you covered.

Here is the compilation of the 8 best gaming mouse and keyboard combos ranging from $20 to $200. This way, we enable you to find the best combo that matches your budget with no compromise on quality.

Give it a read and thank us later!

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8 Top Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

We have reviewed each package with it’s pros and cons to help you make a wise decision.

Guanwen Gaming Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


Are you a gamer who also happens to love traveling? If yes, this gaming keyboard and mouse combo can be your ultimate pick for the year.

The keyboard is designed in a way that it comes in handy and is easy to carry with you. It is lightweight with a sleek panel. The keys on it are similar to that of a laptop. You know how natural and easy it is to type on a laptop, right?

Moreover, it is covered with a rubber pad that prevents it from slipping off. The best part is that the keys hardly make any noise while typing. It also goes in the sleep mode after 10 minutes of no use which helps save the battery.


Just like the keyboard in this combo, the mouse is also light in weight and compact. The contours on it enable the user to have a good grip and smooth experience.

It comes with 3 different levels of DPI to change the sensitivity of the cursor. Also, the clicking of the mouse is absolutely silent and soft. It also saves power by going in the sleeping mode automatically when idle.

Overall, the combo can be the best bet for gamers who like sleek designs and noiseless environment while playing.

Ace Purple/Blue/Red LED Breathing Backlight Pro


This keyboard has the coolest light settings and can shift to three different colors being purple, red and blue.

Not only that, there are shortcut keys for changing the light color, light breathing and brightness. Therefore, if you are a gamer who plays a lot at night or has friends for a night over, this set can be the best pick for you.

The keyboard has contours that support the natural lengths of the hand and prevents it from getting fatigued.


This mouse is supported by an optical sensor which usually works well on all kinds of surfaces. Therefore, if you find it tough to always use a mouse pad, this set can be your life-saver.

Moreover, it comes with adjustable DPI switch to a good range of sensitivity. It is also shaped in a way with lasers and contours that help support the hand and improve the visibility of the buttons.

Lyperkin Gaming USB Wired Keyboard Mouse Set


This wired keyboard is a mechanical one that offers great gaming experience because of its sturdy metallic panel and strongly-bound keycaps.

It comes with rainbow backlights for a clearer view and ability to use at night. The keyboard also has keys for changing the backlight settings and adjusting them as per your need. Plus, the panel is scratch-proof and does not slide around.

Moreover, it is compatible with multiple software including Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows XP.


This mouse has an ultra-speedy response and smooth performance. It comes with 4 different settings of the DPI as well.

It also consists of different kinds of light effects and light breathing levels. Moreover, the contours of the mouse are a perfect fit for any hand and consist of 6 buttons that improve gaming efficiency.

7. Expxon!! Keyboard Mouse Set



If you are on a hunt for a basic but sturdy looking and feeling keyboard, this is the one for you.

It is mechanical with a metallic body which is completely waterproof. The backlighting on this is fairly decent and one-toned blue and green. You can shift between the colors as per your liking.  The keyboard neither feels too heavy nor too light. It is just the right weight for a gamer.

Also, it has a sleeping mode which enables it saves energy. The USB signals are strong enough for you to use the keyboard and mouse from quite a distance too.


This mouse a special sensor designed for gamers for an unforgettable gaming experience. The design of the mouse is compact and contoured for a good hand grip.

It comes with 4 different buttons along with a scroll wheel. The buttons and the wheel are smooth and soft to use without making a lot of noise. The set has built-in battery that is rechargeable. Therefore, it comes with a charging cable and a USB receiver.

FELICON V1 Gaming Keyboard Mouse Sets


If you are looking for the ultimately strongest keyboard and mouse, this combo is the one for you.

The unbreakably strong keys can be stroked 60 million times before they wear out and the aluminum exterior of the keyboard further adds to its durability. Plus, it is entirely waterproof. Not only that, it is designed for the fastest response for a smooth and unstoppable experience for gamers.

It also has hot access keys for emails, volume, light settings and more.


Both keyboard and the mouse have backlights that enable the gamers to play at night too without a compromise on the lighting conditions.

It also has DPI switch as other mice have but with a greater intensity setting. Using this feature, you can control the cursor better by changing the settings as per your need.

This set also comes with a mouse pad to make the gamers happy!

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