IGN: Everything You Need to Know

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IGN is among the premier video game and entertainment websites on the internet. The site is best known for its extensive video game coverage. However, it also covers other forms of entertainment, such as films, television, comics, and other media.

What is IGN?


IGN is essentially a one-stop-shop for gaming news worldwide. Furthermore, they also provide extensive coverage on film, television, and other forms of media as well. The website has grown a lot since its inception in 1996. It has gone from being a simple internet site to an app that is available on several platforms. They have also made a foray into making videos from just writing articles at first.

If you’re looking for gaming-related information, there’s hardly a better place to go. IGN provides some of the most reliable and credible information on video games. Additionally, the website also includes video game reviews, which are incredibly useful. Not everyone has the amount of money to buy a game and experience it right out of the bat. Several people like to make sure they’re buying a good game because of the cost of AAA titles.

Scoring System

IGN has an incredibly reliable scoring system that rates video games. The scale goes from 0.0-10.0 and follows a pattern of 0.1 increments. IGN scores the games according to individual attributes. These attributes include gameplay, graphics, sound, and unique features. Using these scores, you can quickly figure out what you’re going to get in a game.

Additionally, IGN is also home to comprehensive walkthroughs. If you’re ever stuck in a game and need a little help getting through IGN will always be there. There are also opinion articles that several authors write. IGN has a massive global team of writers and helps cater to content worldwide.  You could also work for this team of writers, keep reading to find out how!

Furthermore, IGN also has an end of the year awards ceremony known as the “best of.” The awards are incredibly inclusive. While the Staff has their own choices, users can also vote for their favorites in the “People’s Choice” category.

Who owns IGN?

The website is under the control of IGN Entertainment Inc., which itself is a subsidiary of Ziff Davis. Chris Anderson was the original creator of the site and was responsible for the launch in 1996.

What does IGN stand for?

IGN is no longer an acronym for something; it is IGN as a whole. However, it was formerly known as Imagine Games Network.

How to get a job at IGN?

Working for IGN sounds like a dream for any gamer. Currently, there are job postings available for San Francisco and globally that you can find on the J2 group website. These jobs include editorial roles for the first team. Additionally, IGN also offers a freelance program for global writers.

You’ll have to fill out an application form. You’ll have to write a sample of 300 words on what’s your favorite game and why. IGN doesn’t have the time to go through every application. They get hundreds of applications every day. However, if you’re lucky and they like your style, you could work for IGN!