Strategies To Win An Online Rummy Match

Written by Muqadas Wattoo | Last modified on:

Online rummy is a simple and entertaining skill-based game played by lakhs of Indians regularly. Just like other card games, rummy has been played in India since centuries and even today, the craze for this game hasn’t diminished. The game is fairly easy to play. You may also win a few matches with average skills. But to win more matches and win consistently, you must know and use strategies.

For those wishing to win every game or wanting to do a valid show at the earliest, strategy should be important. How many tips & tricks do you know and how many of them have you used till now? Whether you know any strategy or not, help is here!

Playing Style

First thing first, you must finalise which game play style you are going to play in the match. There are two styles: Defensive and offensive. In the defensive style, you let your opponent take the lead and follow your moves according to theirs. This enables you to play counter moves and nullify their card moves.

In the offensive style, you play aggressively and proactively. You attack your opponents with your moves using different strategies, tips & tricks, etc. but as compared to the defensive style, the attacking style requires more practice as you should have a thorough knowledge of every strategy, trick, and rule.

Now let’s move on to the actual strategies you should employ while playing an online rummy game.

  • Don’t be predictable

Just like you, even your opponents are reading your cards, game, tricks, and strategies. If you keep using the same methods or patterns, it will become easy for them to counter you.

  • Remember the cards of everybody

You should have or develop a strong memory. Remember the cards of not just your opponents but also your cards in online rummy. 

  • A pure sequence is a MUST

This is the most important thing to do in the beginning. If you couldn’t make a pure sequence with your initial cards, then do so as soon as possible in the fewest moves.

  • Play with a sound and analytical mind

Correct decisions aren’t taken when you are overwhelmed, too much excited, stressed, or became overconfident.

  • Don’t hold your cards for too long

Your aim is to meld all your cards into sequences & sets – before your opponent does that in a rummy match. 

  • Wisely use the Joker cards

You can get a printed joker or a wild card joker. There are 9 of them in play in the rummy game.

  • Trick your opponents

Want your opponent to discard the card you need? You can do that! In this technique called ‘Fishing’, when you want a particular card (8) to make a sequence of 8, 9, & 10, (you already have 9 & 10) and you have a neighbouring card of it (7), then discard the 7. Your opponent will mostly discard the 8 that you want.