How to use Laptop as a Monitor for PS4?

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How to use laptop as a monitor for ps?

The PS4 is among Sony best consoles. It has a bevy of features that make gaming more accessible than ever. If you’re a PS4 owner you know it’s not very portable. A potential solution to this problem might be connecting your PS4 to a Laptop.

Most laptops come with HDMI ports. The ports lead people to believe that you can connect a Laptop to your PS4 using an HDMI Cable. The fact is that it isn’t as simple as that. The HDMI port in laptops in most cases is the output port. To display data from another device, you’re going to need an HDMI Input port.

There are a few other ways to connect your Laptop to a PS4. If you’re looking to connect your Ps4 to a laptop, here are some possible solutions.

Using an HDMI Input laptop

Most laptops that come into production make use of HDMI ports. Very rarely do these laptops have an HDMI input port. The HDMI ports you see on most laptops are always for outputs. Yet, there are specific models out there that have HDMI Input.

If you already have one of these laptops, you can plug in your PlayStation and start playing. The problem arises when you don’t have an HDMI input laptop. There are precious few laptops that come with an HDMI input.

One brand that specializes in HDMI input laptops is Dell. It is their Alienware line that features notebooks with an HDMI input port. Buying an entire gaming laptop seems like an expensive solution to the problem.

Yet, there remains a chance that you may be able to find a cheaper Alienware from the used or refurbished market.

Using a Game Capture device

A cheaper alternative to buying a laptop with an HDMI input port is getting a game capture device. These devices convert a USB port to an HDMI input port. Using a game capture device can turn any laptop into a screen.

Yet, there’s a catch. Devices like the Elgato game capture might be cheaper than a new laptop but still, cost a fair amount of money. Additionally, these devices are for recording gameplay. The design doesn’t center around, providing you accurate video playback.

There may be a fair amount of lag while using a Game Capture card. Depending on your laptop hardware, the delay can be minimal. Yet, there will be at least some form of suspension, no matter what.

Using the Remote Play

Remote Play on the PlayStation 4 has a lot of potential. It allows you to connect to any device with the remote play app. All you’re going to need is the remote play app. The app will enable you to stream your gameplay from your console.

The connection takes place over the internet. You’ll need a fast internet connection for it to work. According to Sony, you’re going to need both high download speeds as well as upload. For stable performance, the company recommends, at least 5mb.

If the internet connection is any slower, the game will lag. To start using Remote Play on your Laptop, download the app. Once you complete the setup, you can connect with your Ps4 over Wi-Fi .

The App settings menu allows you to make changes that can help improve your performance. To help gameplay speed, you change the display settings of the device. , Remote Play scales down the resolution to 720p. Yet, you can opt for a lower resolution to improve the streaming speed. Yet, you’ll be sacrificing majorly. Playing on lower resolutions reduces the enjoyment you’ll get from the game.

Furthermore, there are other techniques you can use to reduce latency. Using an Ethernet cable is one of the most effective methods of improving latency. If your Laptop has an Ethernet port, connect the wire. The cable will go into the back of the Ps4.

Remote Play may be the most convenient method of using a laptop as a monitor for your PC. However, this platform is not without its issues either. To start with, the resolution will scale down and impact the graphics. Additionally, the latency of the gameplay is dependent on your internet connection. Using your Laptop as a monitor isn’t the most straightforward task. Without an HDMI Input port, there’s no real proper way of connecting your PS4 to a laptop. A definite alternative you can get is a portable monitor or tablet with an HDMI input. Soon, there might be better solutions. However, currently, you’ll struggle to connect your Laptop with a PS4.